About Us

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  • We are a non-profit, social club run by member volunteers.  We currently have a  membership of over 140 women from over 20 countries and provinces
  • Our club provides women an opportunity to meet and socialize with other women.  We have many members who are expats from all over the world and other Canadians who have recently moved to Calgary
  • We’ve been around for 55 years!  Founded in 1961 by Kay Dant, we were the first Newcomers’ Club in Canada
  • Why the white hat in our logo?  The Calgary White Hat recognizes great ambassadors of hospitality and is the symbol that showcases the four key values of hospitality – integrity, western hospitality, pride of place, and commitment to the community.  You will also see the hat on our city flag, in the airport and during the Calgary Stampede.



“New friends, brand new experiences, a place to try new activities that I wouldn’t have thought to try.  This is a small list of things that the Calgary Newcomers Club mean to me. I’ve been a member of the Calgary Newcomers club for just over a year now.  Moving to Calgary was very challenging for me, having to leave a whole network of friends behind.  Joining this group and meeting new people has given me a sense of belonging and a new way of life.  It has been my lifeline.”   Debbie

“It’s hard to believe that we moved to Calgary almost 5 years ago.  Maybe it has gone by quickly because of the experiences I have had through Newcomers.  I decided to try new things when I joined: hiking, mahjongg, volunteering on the executive, snowshoeing, pub night and the list goes on.  Through all this, I have also  met people from many places with diverse interests and that’s what makes Newcomers’ special. Yes, some of those friends have moved back to their home countries but, there are now new places to think about visiting.  My advice-get involved to get the most out of it!”   Marion

“Calgary Newcomers Club has wonderful members and volunteers.  They are very friendly and they make moving here a lot of fun!”  Laurie

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