Terms and Conditions of Membership

Privacy of Information:

The Calgary Newcomers’ Club collects your name, address, telephone number and other pertinent information for the sole purpose of notifying you of club events. We will send you a monthly newsletter and provide a members’ roster only to paid members of our club. We do not sell or disseminate to other entities.

I agree to the above use of my personal information, and also agree to keep the Club Roster confidential NOT using it for purposes outside Calgary Newcomers’ Club business including use for commercial gain, any form of advertising or marketing, or distribution to third parties.  It is the duty of all members to report such irregularities to the Executive immediately and any misuse of Club or Members’ information may lead to expulsion.  If you would like to exclude some information from the Club Roster, please list it in the comments section on the registration form, or email the webmaster.

Liability Waiver:

By submitting payment for membership and this enrolment form, I hereby waive Calgary Newcomers’ Club and National Newcomers’ Association of Canada (NNCC) from any liability of injury, or loss, or damage to personal property associated with activities or events in which I, or any of my family members or friends participate. I agree not to bring any claim against the organization, or organizers of any of the events, or against officers involved in the events.  I understand that all activities participated in during events are done at my own risk and I accept full and all responsibility.

Club Use of Images

With today’s technology, it is almost certain that photos will be taken at Calgary Newcomers’ Club events.  You agree that the onus is on you to leave a photo opportunity if you do not want your photo taken or published in the Club’s newsletters, on the Club’s website, Club’s social network (e.g. Facebook) or any means used by the Club to promote the Club and its activities.  The Club agrees to, where possible, to remove your photo, or request that your photo be removed, should you have been unaware that photos were taken at an event.

Members Use of Images

I understand that the social media has become pervasive.  I agree that when I have taken photos at Club events for my personal use and/or personal social network, that I will honour a members request to remove their photos from my social network and/or the public view.  I will treat members with respect, just as I expect to be treated with respect.  I agree that nobody needs to be portrayed in an unflattering or disrespectful manner.

I acknowledge that I understand the content of this document.  I am aware that it is legally binding and I agree to it out of my own free will.