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Our purpose is to provide ladies who are new to Calgary or have had a change in circumstances (ie: retirement, divorce, widowed) the opportunity to explore Calgary and surrounding areas, play games, socialize, and meet great friends. The Newcomers Club connects you with other women who can empathize with being new to the area or in a new circumstance and help to ease the transition and connect with people and activities within your community. The club allows women with shared interests to participate in special events and activities, where you will find fun & friendship. The Calgary Newcomers Club is a social organization run by members who volunteer as conveners, there is 25 + activity groups to choose from.

Our mission is “The Club is a non-profit social organization run by member volunteers to provide its members with opportunities to interact and to foster new friendships, through shared interests and activities, with others who are new to Calgary, or with those who have had changed

Message from our President 


Dear Friend,

Newcomers is all about the warmth of friendship and the beauty of shared experiences. If you've recently moved to our city or undergone a significant life change, we extend a heartfelt welcome to you.

At Newcomers, we are a close-knit community of over 200 members, with more than 25 interest groups that bring us together. Our members hail from diverse backgrounds and are scattered throughout the city, reflecting the rich tapestry of life. If you're seeking camaraderie and a place to belong, you've found it here.

Our ultimate aim is to create interest groups and activities that make your transition to Calgary or your new way of life smoother. We're here to be the friends you haven't met yet, with open arms and open hearts. There's a world of friendship waiting for you within our membership.

Don't hesitate to reach out and discover what our Club is all about. We're excited and eager to meet you, and together, we'll write new chapters of friendship and shared adventures.

Warm regards

Founded in 1961 and the first of its kind in Canada


Click Here to see all our many fun physical activities like walking, hiking, tennis,cross country skiing, snowshoeing & golfing, line dancing.


Fall Kick Off

The 2023 CNC Fall Kick-Off was held September 7th at the Winston Golf Club. Attendance was wonderful, with over 85 members. The convenors of several interest groups were in attendance. They set up displays and were available to members to talk about their interest groups, and answer questions.

It's a time to get together with old friends and meet new friends.


Start your own interest group

Even with 35 activities to choose from there's always room for one more. Join now and start your own interest group today!

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