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Calgary Newcomers Club (CNC)is a volunteer organization that offers those new to the city an opportunity to get involved. Women are eligible to join the Calgary Newcomers’ Club (CNC) if they are new to the city or have experienced a significant life change such as retirement, divorce or death of a spouse within the past 3 years.

You’ll build friendships and gain a better understanding of your community through social, cultural and outdoor activities.

From golf, to downshill skiing, lunch groups, line dancing, board & card games to even food bank outtings, our members explore new passions and discover new opportunities.  (See Interest Groups for a complete list of opportunities – we are confident there is something for everyone.)

So whether you join us for a hospitality event or decide to become a member today, we look forward to meeting you!

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What Do Our Members Say?

Susmi Rosenthal

“Calgary Newcomer’s Club has been a life saver for me! I moved to Calgary just 6 months before everything shut down, and I spent a few years alone with my son during Covid lockdowns. It was impossible to get to know people under those circumstances, and I seriously started to wonder if it was the right place for me.

When things started to open up again, I luckily found the CNC by searching on Google for things to do for newcomers, and I noticed they had a line dancing group – yay!! I immediately became a member, joined the line dancing group, where I met the most wonderful group of fun ladies. From there, I branched out and got to know many other ladies in other groups, and I started one myself (TGIF), which I’m organizing with another CNC member, Brenda Solheim.

One thing I can say for sure is: This group is a great network of amazing women, and there are no limits to their kindness and willingness to help you, whether you need advice, company, great laughs, or a couple of extra hands. Don’t wait, sign up today!”


“We moved to Mahogany 18- months ago. And as a new resident to the community, I wanted to share with you what I think is the Best Kept Secret in Calgary. Of course, moving to any city has its challenges! But the Calgary Newcomers Club (CNC) has made my transition so much easier.”

Betty Anne

“I moved to Calgary 2 years ago (after living in Ontario my entire life) to be closer to my son and grandaughters. A major life change, but the best decision I ever made.

The CNC played a huge role in making the transition easier. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without all the wonderful ladies who welcomed me.

I have made so many new friends and am enjoying lots of activities and different interest groups. Thank you to the CNC enriching my life and being an important part of my journey.”

Betty Anne

Murielle D. Clements

“I’ve been a member of the Calgary Newcomers Club for just a few short years and I absolutely love it! I am currently part of three groups and am a convenor for Line Dancing which meets every Tuesday for an hour of fun, exercise and laughter. 

CNC has offered me so much more than I ever expected from learning how to play Mahjongg, to coffee dates on Fridays, to incredible new meaningful friendships.   If you are thinking about joining, wait no longer; CNC is for you! “


“Calgary Newcomers has proven to be much more than a social group; it has served as a catalyst for fostering friendships that have profoundly enriched my life in ways I hadn’t envisioned.

From my first step into this vibrant community to the present day, the warmth and camaraderie that define Calgary Newcomers have become an integral part of my retired life.”


“New friends, brand new experiences, a place to try new activities that I wouldn’t have thought to try.  This is a small list of things that the Calgary Newcomers Club mean to me.

I’ve been a member of the Calgary Newcomers club for just over a year now.  Moving to Calgary was very challenging for me, having to leave a whole network of friends behind.  Joining this group and meeting new people has given me a sense of belonging and a new way of life.  It has been my lifeline.”


“I have met a couple of people who have become good friends, I did sign up for line dancing which is something I would like to do but it conflicts with my Scottish Country dance classes, something I love to do.

I have met up for a couple of lunches which were very pleasant but currently I am very involved with my grandchildren’s activities & am back to taxiing teenagers around again! 

I embrace the opportunity to be included in their lives & know how quickly that time passes. Life often gets in the way but it’s refreshing to know we can always pick up some social experiences when we are ready.”


“I joined CNC a year ago at my sister’s suggestion, and it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve met some amazing women who have now become friends, and enjoyed various activities.  Never a dull moment with the CNC and I can be as busy as I want with the many groups available. I’m genuinely happy to be a member and so glad I joined!”


 “I arrived in Calgary August 2021. Having drove across the country, newly single, and a new grandmother . COVID was very much a thing still I reached out to CNC and so glad I did.

I have meet some great ladies, made friends, tried many new activities. Hiking, line dancing. Enjoyed so many lunches and great conversations, without this great group of ladies I would have been very lonely.

CNC has been instrumental in making Calgary home. Scary to go to events by yourself at first but then you feel the laughter and camaraderie.”

Susan McClinton

“I retired and moved to Calgary from Victoria a year and a half ago, and knew no-one other than my sister and daughter. CNC has been a lifesaver for me – the women in the interest groups I have joined have been absolutely wonderful, and I have made some good friends.

I believe in this club so much that I joined the executive 6 months later! Being so involved has made my move seamless and thoroughly enjoyable. I can’t recommend this club enough!”


“I did a hike on Vancouver Island called Juan de Fuca, where I met some very nice ladies who told me I just had to join CNC when we got back to Calgary, specifically their Tuesday hiking group.

I did as suggested and on July 16th, I did my first CNC hike. Before I knew it I was becoming involved in more CNC activities like a book club, lunches, urban walks, the Food Bank, and the CNC Board (how the heck did that happen???).

Through CNC I have met many wonderful women from all sorts of places and times of their lives, and have made friends I know I will have for the rest of my days. They have made my new life in Calgary full and rich, fun and exciting, and I feel unconditionally supported through life’s ups and downs! No regrets! I could not ask for more!”

What CNC can do for you?

Our purpose is to provide ladies who are new to Calgary or have had a change in circumstances (ie: retirement, divorce, widowed) the opportunity to explore Calgary and surrounding areas, play games, socialize, and meet great friends.

The Newcomers Club connects you with other women who can empathize with being new to the area or in a new circumstance and help to ease the transition and connect with people and activities within your community.

The club allows women with shared interests to participate in special events and activities, where you will find fun & friendship. The Calgary Newcomers Club is a social organization run by members who volunteer as conveners, there is 25 + activity groups to choose from.


Our Mission

Our mission is “The Club is a non-profit social organization run by member volunteers to provide its members with opportunities to interact and to foster new friendships, through shared interests and activities, with others who are new to Calgary, or with those who have had changed

Serving Our Women's Community Since 1961

Newcomers is all about the warmth of friendship and the beauty of shared experiences. If you’ve recently moved to our city or undergone a significant life change, we extend a heartfelt welcome to you.

Pickleball 2 Calgary newcomers club

Club Activities


try something new Calgary newcomers club

Welcome to Calgary, a city brimming with diverse cultural experiences! Many of our members enthusiastically delve into all that this vibrant city has to offer. Embarking on your journey with us marks the exciting beginning of your adventure, where you’ll uncover the richness of Calgary’s cultural tapestry alongside like-minded individuals.
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Books & Games

fun and games Calgary newcomers club

Delve into the world of literature with our book clubs, where members discuss the latest novels crafted by storytellers with a unique flair. Beyond books, we gather for delightful games of Bunco, Mahjong, and the excitement of learning new board games. Join us for engaging discussions, spirited gameplay, and the joy of discovering captivating narratives!
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Food & Entertainment

drinks Clgary newcomers club Join our vibrant community as we come together to savor the delights of local restaurants and explore the charm of surrounding areas. Afterwards, immerse yourself in the excitement of popular theater productions or unwind with a captivating movie. Experience the perfect blend of culinary adventures and entertainment with our enthusiastic members!
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Physical Activities

Welcome to our diverse array of activity groups! Whether you prefer leisurely local walks, lively line dancing, teeing off on the golf course, or tackling the heights of mountain hiking, we’ve got something tailored to every interest and skill level. Join us and explore the wide spectrum of experiences waiting for you!
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Trail Trekkers

We head to the foothills and the mountains for some great exercise with our Newcomer friends.

We explore many, many trails in Kananaskis Country and also in Banff and Lake Louise.

Women Helping Women

This group meets once per month to plan how we can support women in need in the Calgary area. 

Our annual event, a ‘Valentine’s Tea’ has become a popular tradition amongst CNC members and their friends. 

Multicutural Restaurant Lunch Group

This is an adventurous, talkative and congenial group who is willing to experiment with restaurants which focus on multi-cultural cuisine.

Message From Our President


Dear Friend,

Newcomers is all about the warmth of friendship and the beauty of shared experiences. If you’ve recently moved to our city or undergone a significant life change, we extend a heartfelt welcome to you.

At Newcomers, we are a close-knit community of over 200 members, with more than 25 interest groups that bring us together. Our members hail from diverse backgrounds and are scattered throughout the city, reflecting the rich tapestry of life. If you’re seeking camaraderie and a place to belong, you’ve found it here.

Our ultimate aim is to create interest groups and activities that make your transition to Calgary or your new way of life smoother. We’re here to be the friends you haven’t met yet, with open arms and open hearts. There’s a world of friendship waiting for you within our membership.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover what our Club is all about. We’re excited and eager to meet you, and together, we’ll write new chapters of friendship and shared adventures.

Founded in 1961 and the first of its kind in Canada

Warm regards

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Women are eligible to join the Calgary Newcomers’ Club (CNC) if they are new to the city or have experienced a significant life change such as retirement, divorce or death of a spouse within the past 3 years.

Begin your journey in your new city with us. The Calgary newcomers club welcomes women new to the city of Calgary to join in many activities and events. Build a network and new friendships when you become a member today.