We’d love to have you join us, hiking lunch 2

  • Are you a woman about to move, or recently moved to Calgary?
  • Looking to make some new friends, or get out and explore the City?
  • Or have you exerienced a significant life change (retirement, divorced, widowed, etc) in the past 5 years?

Not sure if we are the right club for you?
A prospective member is eligible to attend one activity and one general meeting as a guest (paying her own cost if any is required). A prospective member may also attend a Hospitality Event where a member of the Club’s Executive will answer all her questions about the Club.

Registration Process

To join the Calgary Newcomers’ Club, simply fill out the online application and then submit payment for the membership fee using PayPal (with your PayPal account or with your credit card) or by mailing in a cheque.  We prefer PayPal, as it is a quick and secure way to receive payment, and the quickest way to activate you as a member!

The membership fee structure is as follows:

$40 – New Members who join between July 1 and December 31
$25 – New members who join between January 1 and March 31
$40 – New members who join between April 1 and June 30 (join during this period, and membership runs through until June 30, the following year.)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What privileges am I entitled to with my membership?

  • you will receive monthly newsletters and other Club information by email
  • you are welcome to join in any and all Club activities and interest groups
  • you have access to monthly events, most are catered and subsidised
  • as a member in good standing, you are eligible to vote on Club business matters at the General Meetings

2. How do I join ?

3. Are there activities in the evenings and at weekends?

  • yes, there are activities at these times as well as many during the day

4. Can my partner/spouse join in activities?

  • yes, we endeavour to hold one or two events per year where your partner/spouse is invited to join in.

5. How do I know I am Registered?

  • you will receive a system generated email confirming your registration, and notifying you we are processing your payment.  Registration is not Activation until we process your payment.

6. How long does it take to process my Payment?

  • PayPal payments usually take 24-48 hours, but cheque payments can take 5-10 days.  Your PayPal receipt is confirmation of your membership.
    If you experienced any problems with your PayPal payment, contact email us and let us know you wish to pay via PayPal, so we can issue you an invoice for speedy processing.

7. How do I know I am Activated?

  • you will receive a system generated email confirming your activation, and it will include details to Log-in to the CNC Members website.
    Other useful links are in this email, so keep it handy.  If you are not sure you have been activated, please email us.

If you have further questions, please email us.