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President Calgary Newcomers club


I am very honored to become the newest President of CNC. My commitment is to listen and build on all the great work done before us by the all the boards who have volunteered their time to make CNC great.

I was born and raised on a farm in Northern Alberta.  I enjoyed my career within the Federal Public Service for 36 years based out of Edmonton with time overseas and in Ottawa.  Retirement on Vancouver Island was always the dream.  Living beside the ocean was amazing.  However, the miracles of grand babies and my new life as a Nana brought me to Calgary to be with my son and his family in April 2021.

I love all the varied activities that CNC offers.  Hiking our Rocky Mountains is such a gift.  I’m also an avid downhill skier, cyclist, kayaker, writer and love playing the piano.

web administrator Calgary newcomers club


I was born in England in a small town called Lytham St Anne’s, a seaside resort. In 1974 I emigrated to Canada with my siblings arriving in Calgary. After many years in retail I retired in 2017 to join the ranks of snowbirds who fled the winter months in search of sunshine, during this time I took a class on Stain Glass which is now my hobby/passion.

After many adventures, including living in California for 4 years I moved back to Calgary which I now consider to be my home. Two years ago I joined Calgary Newcomers to extend my interests and meet new friends who are active within the city, I have not been disappointed.

I Convene for Ad hoc, enjoy golfing, line dancing and so much more within this group. l’am looking forward to being a part of the board, with a fabulous bunch of CNC ladies who have become apart of my family.

Secretary Calgary newcomers club


My life journey began in the vibrant city of Edmonton, where I was fortunate to meet my spouse and together we were blessed with two remarkable children. In 1990, due to a career move for my husband, our family relocated.

During that pivotal year, I became a member of the Newcomers club, and we found great pleasure in partaking in the wine tasting group activities. After a fulfilling career in education, I retired in 2019 and once again joined the Newcomers club. As a member, I am actively involved in various interest groups, which has not only diversified my experiences but also led me to form invaluable friendships.

My personal time is dedicated to a range of hobbies, from swimming to sewing, avid reading to spirited walks, and not forgetting the energizing rhythm of line dancing. I am also a doting grandmother to three grandkids, who truly are the joy and light of my life.

Treasurer Calgary newcomers club


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all receipts and disbursements, issuing cheques with proper documentation and signatures, and providing monthly and annual financial reports to the Board and general membership. They prepare the Annual Budget with the Board’s assistance, recruit auditors or retain an accountant for financial reviews, and ensure the audited report is submitted to the Government of Alberta as required. Additionally, the Treasurer handles By-law changes reporting, maintains club documents on Google Drive, uses a club-assigned email for correspondence, and serves as a voting member of the Board.

Newsletter Calgary newcomers club

Director Of Communications

The Director of Communication’s compiles, produces, and distributes the Newsletter via MailPoet, ensuring it is proofread and includes a list of members’ birthdays. They maintain an updated member email list for club correspondence, create marketing content, and act as the photographer at events or assign others as needed. Organizes and uploads photos and content to social media platforms and maintains communication-related documents in the Club’s Google Drive. They use a club-assigned email for correspondence and serve as a voting member of the Board.




Memberships Calgary newcomers club

Director Of Membership

   I was born and raised on Vancouver Island and have lived in Vancouver, Newmarket Ontario, and Pointe Claire Quebec before being transferred to Calgary in 1996. We returned to the west coast for 9 years after my husband took early retirement but moved back to Calgary 5 years  ago to be closer to our 4 grandchildren.
I enjoy short walks with long coffees, yoga, restaurants,  theatre,  board games and travel. I’m excited about the opportunity to welcome new members to this wonderful club.

Events coordinator Clagary newcomers club

Director Of Events

    Linda Dickerson, BA, B.Ed

I have been in Calgary for nearly 6 years , having lived in a variety of wonderful Canadian cities.
My careers have been as varied as my houses – teacher, travel counsellor, event planner, and chairman of a library board, to name a few.

My main passions are travelling, followed closely by line dancing    ( thanks to CNC), hiking, painting Michelangelo doesn’t have to worry, and reading a good murder mystery and did I mention, travelling?

Director of interest groups Calgary newcomers club

Director Of Interest Groups

I am originally fromRegina Saskatchewan. Our family moved to Sherwood Park, Alberta when I was a young teenager, and I stayed in the Edmonton area until shortly after I married. We moved to Victoria, BC where I stayed until for about 35 years raising my family and working in the financial industry.

Along the way I divorced, remarried and acquired 3 great step kids to add to my brood of 2. Last year after I retired, we decided to make the move to Calgary, where my daughter and her husband live. My husband is still winding up his company on the west coast,  so CNC has been wonderful for me. I have met so many lovely women here, and I am happy to be able to serve on the executive of such a worthwhile organization.


Calgary newcomers club member 1
Calgary newcomers club member 1
Calgary newcomers club member 1
Calgary newcomers club member 1
Jan Woolsey
Anne Harrison Wood

Join The Club?

Women are eligible to join the Calgary Newcomers’ Club (CNC) if they are new to the city or have experienced a significant life change such as retirement, divorce or death of a spouse within the past 3 years.

Begin your journey in your new city with us. The Calgary newcomers club welcomes women new to the city of Calgary to join in many activities and events. Build a network and new friendships when you become a member today.

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